Vestus Group offers a unique approach to investment management. We are a fee-based independent advisory firm. That means we are not financially obligated to any one investment or proprietary products. Our advisors can offer clients completely objective advice.  We are investment fiduciaries which means we work with our clients’ keeping their best interests in mind, ensure they receive the analysis and recommendations that are best for them and their own personal set of circumstances.


We strive to maximize the value of an investor’s concentrated stock position using a multi-disciplinary approach. Depending on the investor’s unique goals and circumstances with the concentrated position, we customize a management plan that may include divestment and diversification, risk reduction through hedging, income production by the sale of options, and reduction of tax-exposure with estate planning and tax enhancement strategies.


If you are like most business owners, you love being your own boss and have an infinity for your profession. As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges you face is making sure that you are operating in the most tax-efficient and profitable way. We strive to work with other entrepreneurs to maximize the bottom lines for themselves and their employees. We can implement several different strategies that can make a significant difference in everyone’s success.