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Retirement Plan Services

Today’s Retirement Plan

An effective plan begins with a carefully constructed plan design that involves employee education, access to top investment firms, and a simplified administration process while containing cost for the business. All too often, our specialists review outdated plans that don't meet the current needs of an organization or its employees. We consult extensively with businesses to learn about their objectives, company size and culture, plan participation, competition, and other retirement plan needs before designing their savings plan.

With Vestus Alliance, your organization will gain access to our nationally recognized, full-service pension consulting partners. These partners provide plan consulting, design and administration for all qualified and nonqualified plans. By working closely with our pension partners, Vestus Group advisors provide timely investment advice and plan servicing.

Education Leads to Informed Decisions

Most employees have little to no education or interest in investments, yet retirement plan participants must choose from a list of unfamiliar investment options for their retirement. Making these long-term decisions can be overwhelming and in some cases cause employees to avoid participating in the plan all together. It's imperative that businesses realize the importance of retirement education and help them navigate the road to retirement.

Contain Costs.

Take control of your benefits.

Retain and attract your talent.

10 Signs of a Success Retirement Plan

As a matter of legal obligation and professional commitment, our sole purpose is to give plan participants and their beneficiaries the best possible chance of enjoying financial security in retirement. Here are 10 characteristics of a successful plan:

  • Reasonably low cost – It doesn’t need to be the cheapest, but it can’t be the most expensive 
  • Fee transparency – easily identify and understand all fees involved
  • Plan education and awareness – if employees don’t understand the plan they won’t contribute, continuing education is key
  • High participation rate – the best plans have 80-90% of employees with account balances
  • Contributions – a successful plan has 80-90% contributing every paycheck 
  • Investments for everyone – the options must meet the needs of all age groups
  • Company leadership – management must emphasize the importance of the plan regularly as a recruiting and retention tool 
  • Experienced advisors – accessible guidance to assist your employees to retirement 
  • One-point-of-contact – one person for all your retirement needs
  • Plan Fiduciary – an investment fiduciary whose responsibility is to keep the plan’s investment policy on track and monitor investment options annually (separate from plan’s investment advisor)

Call us today for a Retirement Plan Check-Up 

Call us today for a Retirement Plan Check-Up 

See if your plan meets today’s DOL standards of “Fair and Reasonable”

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Group Benefit Services

Maximizing your Employee Benefits Package

The cost of group benefits is increasing. While people are living longer and more productive lives, employers are paying for it through increased premiums. Maximizing Group Benefits is about controlling utilization and sharing risk. With Vestus Alliance our group benefits partners will review and analyze your benefit package and make sure it meets your budget and company cultures.

Our benefit partners specialize in:

  • Health
  • Supplemental, i.e. Dental, Vision, etc.
  • Disability Insurance
  • Group Life / AD&D
  • Cafeteria/FSA/Section 125 Plans
  • Long Term Care
  • Wellness Programs
  • Telemedicine Services