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Remove Administrative Burdens

Improve Your Productivity

Understanding the power of outsourcing payroll and its many functions is an important initial step to maximizing productivity in the workplace. With Vestus Alliance, businesses gain access to best-of-breed payroll and HR technology providers. With a better understanding of your current needs and future demands, we will work with a payroll and HR technology partner that best suits your company now as well as in the future.

Is payroll talking to your retirement plan?

Integrating payroll with retirement plan administration provides a seamless process eliminating countless hours spent managing multiple vendors. With Vestus Alliance’s payroll integration, here are some tasks that can be eliminated:

✓ Tracking participant plan eligibility

✓ Correcting payroll and plan deferral mistake

✓ Reporting all payroll and deferral changes to payroll company and plan administrator

✓ Reporting all new hires and terminated employees to plan administrator

✓ Confirming the accuracy of annual employee census

✓ Auditing the Form 5500 tax filing for accuracy before submitting it to the IRS

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