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It seems that everywhere you look today, someone is offering financial advice, even free advice. Whether it’s a bank, insurance agency, or stock brokerage firm, everyone has a different perspective on what kind of “advice” you need and product to sell. This wide variety can be confusing and downright overwhelming if you are looking for professional, unbiased financial advice.

Vestus Group offers a unique approach to financial planning. We are a fee-based independent advisory firm. That means we are not financially obligated to any one investment or firm; no proprietary products. Because of this, our advisors are able to offer clients completely objective advice. Clients don’t have to worry that we are advising a certain investment just to receive a high commission. We are investment fiduciaries which means we work with our clients’ best interests in mind and ensure they receive the analysis and recommendations that are best for them.

Our commitment is to our clients. As an independent wealth advisory firm, our goal is to meet the client’s financial objectives. Vestus Group has a broad variety of financial tools available and we use time-tested techniques and strategies in managing our clients’ finances.This approach to financial advice benefits the client and we want our firm to be one they trust and recommend.

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Putting our clients interests above our own.

We are a fiduciary

“We organize your hard-earned assets, insurance, and estate plan to help simplify, consolidate and integrate every aspect of your financial future. We help you transition to retirement by creating a livable income plan.”

– Mark Williams, Managing Partner

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