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Getting Your Financial House in Order

Your “Financial House” is anything and everything that makes up your financial life: budget, income sources, healthcare, investments, debts, wills/trusts, insurances, real estate, business succession plan, and tax returns; just to name a few. Getting your financial house in order and keeping it in order starts with meeting with us and answering the question, “what’s meaningful in your life?”

At Vestus Group we believe there are three stages to getting and keeping your financial house in order:


Assess where you are today. Decide where you want to be.


Determine how you’ll get there.


As life evolves your plan evolves.

For over 35 years Vestus has helped individuals and families gain confidence about their financial futures.

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What is the purpose of your money?

Money is a currency, it is not a goal. When working with a financial planner, the assumption is we reach our goals by managing investments, net worth, and taxes. While this assumption is common, at Vestus we dig deeper. Helping to identify your passions, your decision making process, and most importantly, your values, allows our team to create an effective and meaningful financial plan.

Where we live, how much we spend, and how we spend our time are all affected by our values. The best way to illustrate the impact of values is through an example. If one worries about money, they might list “having a million dollars” as a value. This is fairly common. Having a million dollars is not a value; it’s a goal. The underlying value may be security or freedom. The million dollars is just a way to fulfill that value. Similarly, many people want to travel. “Travel” is not a value either; it is an activity. The value that travel promotes might be fun, excitement, or personal growth. Our values motivates and shapes our lives.

At Vestus Group, we proactively assist in identifying, prioritizing, and monitoring your goals and their underlying values. With increased clarity, we can all live more meaningful lives while having a better understanding of our financial futures.